Saturday, December 3, 2011

A white board doodle!

A lot has happened recently, my application for transfer for Florida State was finally accepted!  I'm so excited about this but also nervous.  I will be leaving my comfort zone and going to someplace where I'll know practically no one.  I'm sure I'll  do fine but the thought looms over me that I'll be away from my family and not as close as I'd like.

What will I be doing at FSU you ask? Well I am going for my BFA in Graphic Design.  Though due to getting such a late acceptance it doesn't look like I'll be going in the Spring Term as I planned.  But I see this as an opportunity for me to finish up any loose ends I have here and clear up a big chunk of my debt.  And it gives me time to find a place to live at.  I know that Tallahassee is a college town and will need to find something that is close to campus but not over populated with college kids (I know that doesn't make sense).

Hopefully this will also give the inspiration to finish my personal website before leaving.  I also want to publish a small book of my various work and photography that I've taken in the past years.

But for today I give this whiteboard doodle for the holidays. I'm sure my nephew will love it when he stops by and visits.

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