Friday, April 6, 2012

Craft Time! Toxic Can Easter Bucket

Well this week I will awe you with a craft that I made.  It is a Toxic Can Easter Bucket for my nephew.  He wanted a zombie themed Easter basket this year and it was my job to do it. Some of you might think he is weird but hey, he's only eight years old and I think it's something different so why not? Also it can serve as his Halloween Bucket as well this year.  It was pretty simple, I picked up a metal bucket from Lowe's, black primer (Rustoleum Textured), Yellow Spray Paint, Spray Foam, and a sample tub of Neon Green Paint. Painted the bucket with primer, let it dry and painted again. Then after that was dry I applied the spray foam around the bucket and let gravity pull it down and dry.  After that I made a stencil for the toxic signal and painted it yellow, then painted the foam green and also made sure to add globs of paint in certain areas to let it drip down. My mom is going to add the grass and goodies in later so I will post a photo of the complete basket afterwards. Enjoy!

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