Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Brain-eating amoeba' kills third person

'Brain-eating amoeba' kills third person

So the news have been posting about this Brain Eating Amoeba and has killed about three kids. The sad news about this is that this isn't new to me. I remember when I was younger of a case like this and a kid I new died from this situation. I grew up in a trailer park, hard to believe I know and in the summer times the pond in the middle of the community would get filled up with water from the rain. So naturally on the hot summer days the kids would jump in and splash around and such. Over time and actually when my family moved out the pond was getting to get filled up with garbage and such by the residents. And a kid decided to swim in the pond during one of those hot summer days. And that rare amoeba crawled up his nose and he did shortly after. At least that is what I remember about it. When I was a kid I didn't think much of this or any kinds of rare germs that could kill a person. Hell I was the type of guy that drank water from the hose, but now as I get older I see the dangers in the simplest things. And for some reason I thought it was one of those things that was almost fictional, but after seeing the recent news it made me realize it wasn't. It still is weird but I'm sure this won't be the last time of hear of something like this happening.

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