Thursday, September 15, 2011

Working Header

So you might've noticed I'm tinkering around with my header and have it showcase more of what I do.  It's still a process and not really liking the size, I might have to drop it down a smidge or two. I've been working on my sketches a little bit more and have been filling up my sketchbook.  There is one thing I will probably post but I think I might try to mess with colors on it before I put it on. Since I've never used Photoshop to color any of my sketches and drawings I figured I would give it a shot. Also I think I might do my best to save up money to buy a wacom tablet.  I know if I use more of illustator and work on logos then I can utilize the tablet amognst other things.  Also I have some ideas I wanna create and submit to sites like Ript and Teefury and see if they like. Who knows I might get a shirt publish and bring in a little extra dough.  But since I have no money I gotta start saving my pennies, hmm maybe I'll sell some of my action figures and statues on ebay to get some dough. If I do I will post up my auction postings to see who is interested in buying my junk.

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