Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another photo of Jackson

Well I'm currently trying to upload another photo of my new cat Jax but for some reason it is failing to upload.  Could be IE 8 that is the issue but who knows. I did some minor tweaks using Windows Live Photo Gallery since I am using my laptop and don't have photoshop installed on it. I still have a few months before I leave to Tallahassee since I decided to push my entrance back until the summer term. Thankfully I have majority of my paperwork needed completed now. Just as soon as the application is reapplied I can then apply for on campus housing and complete my FAFSA.  As for Jackson, he is fitting in rather well and loves it in his new home. Like any good kitten he loves to play, is very curious and explores around the house. I see him learning his abilities as to how far he can jump or where he can go. My sister says that I've become his over protective mother since I constantly worry about him and I know I have. Since we are always together we have bonded rather quickly.  I am thinking about taking him with me to Florida State but I don't think they will allow pets in the housing units. If not I will do my best to visit him.... I mean my family as often as possible.

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