Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Couple of quick marker drawings

Well it's been awhile that I posted, the drawbacks to being unemployed (you get kinda lazy). The first doodle I did was just me at my computer desk and decided to draw the joker with Sharpie's, started getting light headed and had to stop. Actually I have this thing where I start drawing the half of a face and then just stop. I was watching Batman: Under the Red Hood which is one of my favorite DC Animated Films lately.  Joe DiMaggio did a great job voicing The Joker, he's no Mark Hamill but I like him . While watching the film I was inspired to draw the Joker, I hope I captured his craziness.  The second one is a zombie bunny I did with just markers on a cardboard sheet.  My nephew has decided that he wants a zombie themed Easter basket this year. His defense to this is that "Zombies are allowed to celebrate Easter too." So I figured I would draw him this seeing as I have to be the one to design the Easter basket for him. I tried to dabble with acrylic paints wasn't pretty. Coloring has always been my off thing so hopefully I will work on it some more and post my results soon.

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