Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coffee Skull

I know, I know it's been awhile but this Fall Semester has been rather hectic. Learning a new language, Art History, and my 2-D Foundations class take a toll on me sometimes.  I was insipred by someone's work they posted on reddit where they made a picture of an owl using the coffee they had leftover at the coffee shop they were at. So like anything I decided to take my stab at it. I had a Caramel Kiss Latte from Atomic Coffee and used a small bit to make this skull. I then applied ink and ink wash to certain areas. I'm still trying to incorporate ink wash and painting with ink into my art much like Tim Sale or Keron Grant's work. Overall not a bad piece for practice and it actually smells nice.  Oh apparently I created this in the future two days from when I created it. I just noticed the date that I put Oct 25 but just realized today is the 24th and I made this the day before. Maybe I have super powers?

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