Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Things I've done, things I've liked Pt. 2

This is a continuation from my previous post, I recently talked about some of my favorite games from past to current. And even choosing those was difficult seeing as I have so many games that I can list. But now this part of the post is to showcase some current images that I have created. Being an Art Student I spend lots of time sketching or creating some kind of art. I've dabbled in photography, screenprinting, digital art, sculpture to printmaking. But one thing that I've always enjoyed as a medium is pencil, marker and ink. I love to draw and always have. I still have various sketchbooks filled with doodles, sketches and pieces of work. I'm an avid user of the website and many of the subreddits it has to offer. The most recent subreddit that has caught my intrigue this summer is r/redditgetsdrawn. Where users submit photos of themselves, friends, significant others or family members; and request other users to put their artistic abilities to use and create various works for art for them. So naturally I've begun to submit some of work and see if the OP (Original Poster) likes my work or not.

One of the most recent ones I made was one where a user wanted to be drawn as a mermaid and even drawn swimming with whales. So I referenced the photos she provided to create her as a mermaid swimming down towards a whale. She was very pleased with the results and I'm glad I made her happy.

And just tonight I've decided to draw a friend of mine. This is not a request but I felt motivated to draw her. I decided to keep it minimal and just use pencil and ink/ brush. She has yet to see it and hopefully she is flattered by the work. And just a little secret (it's for her birthday). 
That's all I have for tonight. Enjoy reading my post and taking a look of my recent work that I've done. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated and don't forget to follow me on instagram @thabmg60 as well as my twitter @thabmg60. 

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