Friday, February 8, 2013

Beyonce Smash

So this weekend I've decided to go home and visit my family. So far it's been good and fun, my niece and nephew are are riot sometimes and it was good to have a beer with my sister. We are pretty tight and I pick on her just as much as she picks on me. But now back to being on topic.

I've decided to have my attempt at beating the dead horse that is Beyonce's Superbowl Picture which shows her in a rather funny moment. And of course her publicist is demanding that this photo be taken off the internet but now it has cause a massive flurry of new memes and edits from people all over the place. I've seen some pretty creative ones referencing Dragon Ball Z, Futurama and even Olympic Weightlifting. But after seeing her photo I couldn't help but think what she would look like as She Hulk mid rage. So I did a very poorly photoshop of her and decided to post it. Maybe I'll post it elsewhere but I'm not sure yet. I don't think I will expect and type of legal reprocussion so, eh.

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