Friday, February 15, 2013

Shout Out to an artist I like

Hopefully by now my facebooks has begun to dwindle down with people's Valentine's Day posts. I swear if I have to see another "OMG, look what my babe got me for Valentines #killme#hugsandkisses#ifIwasdiabeticI'ddiefromallthissugarycrap." I think I will sucker punch a dolphin! Anyways, enough rants.

So this post I've decided to plug in/ shout-out a current artist who I also like. His name is Keron Grant, I've known his work from comics and also follow his blog on  Most of recent posts have actually been different mediums using acrylic, watercolor, ink and so on. I've been incredibly fascinated by his current work in ink, and watercolor.. The style he uses is something that I can't really explain but I highly suggest you check it out. Much like artist Tim Sale who uses ink wash to add tones and dephth to his work, Keron has a similar use of wash when it comes to his work.

I've made some attempts at inkwash and so far my results are satisfactory to my liking. It doesn't mean I've given up, just have to try different methods to get the results I'm looking for. Plus, I'm not that great of a painter so I figure this could a push for me to help improve. I have some watercolors that I wanna try out and see how I do.

Here is also a link of one of his "Sketches" but to me it seems like a complete piece.

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